Irene Blanck

 Irene specializes in needleturn applique and has taught in the US as well as in Europe (France, Norway, Holland and the UK). Quiltmania released a book of her patterns in 2015.  The book is called “Focus on Applique” and it is now available in both book form as well as an ebook.
She describes her classes as follows:
“During my classes I strongly promote the “joy” of quilting – having fun with your sewing. I also encourage women to become more confident with choosing fabric for their quilts – as we all know this is something that most quilters have difficulty with.
I love teaching classes in all aspects of needleturn and instilling in quilters the love for needleturn applique. I try and make my classes fun and stress‐free. I like to think of my classes as “sit and sew” sessions – or “mini quilt‐ins” – where we have a fun and relaxing day, chatting to friends as well as learning a new technique or perfecting on techniques.
Class:  Timeless    Date:  Oct 12, 10-6         Fee:   $95.00

In this workshop students will focus on the
center block and learn how to:
• Prep applique shapes using a lightbox
• Gluing all pieces to the background block.
• Needleturn techniques including reverse applique, circles.
• Correctly use your Clover bias maker for stems.
• Play with paper pieced stars using the English Paper Piecing method using glue.

We have so many good ideas and classes for you to sew up some wonderful handmade gifts for your loved ones.  Back by popular demand....
Holiday Class Series!
Please join us as we "sew" in the holiday season with our Holiday Short classes designated by “HS”


Christmas Club

Join the Christmas Club!!  Each month we will complete a project for the giving season.  Imagine having all of your gifts made and ready to be gifted, without all of the stress and running around at the last minute.   

Teacher:  Justiann Ard            Fee: $20.00 per month

Dates: Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16           2:00-5:00


OR   Oct 22, Nov 26, Dec 10             6:00-9:00

Mini of the Month

Explore different techniques in quilting each month while making a small “bite sized” project.  Minis can be used as wall hangings, table toppers, pillow tops and more.  Each month will have a different focus.  
Teacher:  Justiann Ard            Fee:  $20.00 per month
Dates: Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2                        2:00-5:00

Block of the Month

The Block of the Month dates for the fourth quarter of 2018 are:

Oct: Tuesday Oct 23 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday Oct 25 at 10:00 & 1:00

Nov :   Tuesday Nov 27 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday Nov 29 at 10:00 & 1:00

Dec:   Tuesday Dec 18 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday Dec 20 at 10:00 & 1:00

Jan: Tuesday Jan 22 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday Jan 24 at 10:00 & 1:00  

Quilting Classes
  French Braid
“French Braids give you a lot of quilt for your sewing time.  Although they look complicated, the quilts are simple to piece and once you have learned the technique the variations are endless. (from  French Braid Quilts  by Jane Hardy Miller)       
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh            Fee: $60.00 per class
Dates:  Oct 17, 24, Nov 7, 14               2:00-5:00

Beginning Paper Piecing-Santa & Tree (HS)
Learn basic paper piecing as you make small paper pieced trees & Santas that could be made into a garland or used as the front of a holiday card.  Pattern included in class fee. 
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh         Fee:  $20.00
Date:  Oct 18,              2:00-6:00

  Peace on Earth                                                                                                  
Make this beautiful quilt to brighten your home for the holidays using applique and traditional piecing techniques.   Sign up now while kits are still available.                                                                                                                 
Teacher:  Susan Holmes                                            Fee:  $95.00                                                    
Date:  Oct 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28, Dec 5                             10:00-1:30
  Stocking Pillow (HS)                                                                                     
Make this cute pillow top or quilt block as your perfect your machine applique skills.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Teacher:  Paula Thompson                                 Fee:  $25.00                                             
Dates:  Nov 1                                   10:00-1:00
  Paper Pieced Santa or Elf (HS)                                                                                        
Make this cute paper pieced Santa or Elf wall hanging to use through the holiday season.  Pattern included in class fee.                                                                                                      
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh                                         Fee:  35.00                                                
Date:  Nov 2                                   10:00-5:00
  Hairband (HS)                                                                                                                           
Create these fashionable and fun reversible hairbands for yourself or for a quick & easy gift. Two different widths to choose from; learn how to make them in a child's size too.                                                                                                                                 
Teacher:  Carrie Collins                                                 Fee:  $15.00                                                 
Date:  Dec 6                                  10:00-12:00
Folded Fabric Ornaments  (HS)                                                                                                      
Using a styrofoam ball and small pieces of fabric, make this tree decoration that looks as though it is quilted.                                                                                      
Teachers:  Carrie Collins & Elisabeth Pugh        Fee:  $20.00                                 
Date:  Nov 29      6:00-9:00
  Folded Fabric Ornaments  (HS)                                                                                                      
Using a styrofoam ball and small pieces of fabric, make this tree decoration that looks as though it is quilted.                                                                                       eachers:  Carrie Collins & Elisabeth Pugh        
Fee:  $20.00                                  Date:  Nov 29      6:00-9:00
  Frosty Flakes(HS)                                                                                         
This is a fast and easy pattern that can be ready in time for the holidays.  The pattern is for a twin size quilt finishing 65” x 80”, but you can also copy the templates half size to make a quilt about 31” x 39”.  Either way you learn to do easy applique two different ways and you get to have fun decorating the snow people with buttons, ribbons, and trims of your choice.  If you have questions, you can contact Mary at:  You can also visit the teacher’s blog at:                                                                                           
Teacher:  Mary Puckett        Fee:  $40.00                                                                               
Date:  Nov 3                        10:00-4:00
  Holiday Placemats (HS)                                                                                                        
Need a hostess gift or a quick update for your holiday décor at home?  Join us for this easy place mat class!  We will make the tops and have time to spray baste and quilt one of them.  I will also show you how to bind them.                     Teacher:  Mary Puckett              Fee: $25.00                                                                                  
Date:  Dec 1               10:00-1:00

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Do you want to make a quilt that incorporates English Paper Piecing but has machine piecing also? Then this class is for you. English paper piece the stars and make the diamonds using the Creative Grids 60 degree diamond ruler.

Teacher: Paula Thompson 
Fee:   $45.00         Dates: Oct 11, Nov 1, 8         2:00-5:00   
Regardless of where you are in your quilting journey you can experience better quality piecing when you utilize Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design Tools and techniques.  As a result of taking the Tucker University you can gain new techniques without the obligation of having to complete a full quilt top.  
A different tool is taught monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.  
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh               10:00-1:00                                                  
Fee:  $15.00 includes the required design sheet and technique sheet

Oct 9 – Tucker Trimmer
Nov 13 – V Block
Dec 11 - Wing Clipper


Continuation of the first year of Tucker University.
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh               2:00-5:00 or 6-9                                                  
Fee:  $15.00 includes the required design sheet and technique sheet

Oct 9 – Corner Pop
Nov 13 – Split Rects
Dec 11 - Diamond Rects

Beginning Quilting – Rail Fence

This is a great first quilt. Choose fabric that will work in your den and make a great throw for the back of the couch. You will learn rotary cutting techniques, chain piecing and much more that you will use repeatedly as you make future quilts!! Pattern included in class fee.

Teacher: Elisabeth Pugh     Fee: $95.00   
Dates: Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, Mar 6, 13                 10:00-1:00

Free Motion Quilting the Panel
Practice your free motion skills while you quilt pretty fabric.  The panel is designed
to help master several popular free motion designs. 

         Teacher: Kristine Rimmey                    Fee: $25.00  
Date: Oct 26                    10:00-12:00

Quilting with Rulers 1
Learn how to free motion quilt with rulers on your domestic machine.  The ruler foot will be available for rent.  We will focus on the straight line ruler.

Teacher:  Kristine Rimmey                       Fee:  $25.00
Date: Oct 19                           10:00-1:00    

Quilting with Rulers 2 
This is a continuation of Quilting with Rulers 1.  This class will focus on curves.  The Ruler Foot for your machine will be available to rent.   
Teacher:  Kristie Rimmey               Fee:  $25.00           
Date: Nov 8                               10:00-1:00

Pre-Cut Quilt Series   
Fast, easy and fun quilts from precuts. This class will meet every other month to make some great quick quilts.  We will be making beautiful quilts from Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm packs.
Teacher:  Linda Clark  Fee: $20.00 per class
Dates: Nov 6           2:00-5:00


  Snap Bag   (HS)                                                                                                              
These fun and fast bags are handy for sewing supplies, cosmetics or jewelry.  The metal top makes the opening snap closed and stays closed until pulled open. These are great gifts!                                                                                                                       
Teacher:  Linda Clark             Fee:  $15.00                                                                                       
Date:  Oct 19                                    2:00-5:00
Jelly Roll Rug
Want to make a really cute, colorful & fun rug? This is a fun & easy sewing project that makes an oval rug approximately 30” x 44”.
Dates: Oct 10 and 17th                     6:00pm
  Pillowcases (HS)
Don’t have time to make a holiday quilt?  Make cute pillowcases to use as gifts or to decorate your bed.                                                                    
Teacher:  Bejay Thompson        Fee:  $20.00                                                                                       
Date:  Oct 30                                    2:00-5:00
  Wine Bags (HS)                                                                                                             
Another great holiday gift item!!  Don’t just give them a bottle of wine, put it in a handmade gift bag.  Bags are also great for olive oil dispensers.                                           
Teacher:  Justiann Ard                   Fee:  $20.00                                                                       
Date:  Dec 5                    6:00-9:00
  Messenger Bag                                                                                               
Make this cute purse in two days!  This fun messenger bag is full of pockets for organization in a small purse.  Looks great with Batiks!!                                                                                                                                                           
Teacher:  Elisabeth Pugh                                Fee:  $45.00                
Dates:  Nov 15   1:30-5:30       &      Nov 16   10:00-4:00
  Pin Cushion (HS)                                                                                                
Very cute beginning paper piecing pincushion makes a great gift and can be made from scraps.  Finished project looks like a spoil of thread. (Pattern is provided in class).                                                                                           
Teacher:  Linda Clark                               Fee:  $15.00                                         
Date:  Dec 4                             2:00-5:00
  English Paper Pieced Ornament (HC)                                                      
Hand sew this beautiful English Paper Pieced Ornament to decorate your holiday wreaths, trim packages or to use on your tree.                                             
Teacher:  Emily Fisher                Fee: $20.00  
Date:  Nov 28                                 2:00-5:00
  Holiday Sweat Shirt  (HS)                                                                                 Learn about stabilizing, hooping and using templates as you make this Halloween sweatshirt.  When you have finished the Halloween shirt you can make one for each of the upcoming holidays.                                                                               Teacher:  Jennifer Whiteman                    Fee:  $25.00                                                            Date:  Oct 16                   10:00-1:00
  Embroidery with a Twist (HS)
Are you sometimes disappointed with how your embroidery project turns out?  Once a month there will be a new project to complete, and embroidery technique to learn.  Many embroidery machines have recently been purchased.  Use this opportunity to learn all the capabilities of your embroidery machine.                                                                                                                     
Stitch & Turn quilt label               Oct 10         2:00-5:00                $30.00      
Piecing in the hoop                       Nov 15        10:00-1:00               $30.00   
Embroidered towel                       Dec 12        10:00-2:00               $30.00                    
Teacher:  Susan Holmes
  Fabric Christmas Chain (HS)
Learn how to make the old time paper chain, but using fabric for your Christmas tree.  This can be done inexpensively using either cut fabric or leftover scraps and decor bond.                                                                              
Teacher:  Susan Holmes           fee:  $25.00                                       Date:  Dec 6                            1:00-5:00 

Basic Sewing Class - The Machine

Whether you are just starting out or getting back to sewing after taking a break this is a great class to get to know your machine. We will discuss all the basic components of the sewing machine to help get you on your way to sewing that next project while completing a small project in class. Class is great for all ages (must be at least 9+).

          Teacher: Linda Clark                          Fee: $35.00  
     Dates:  Oct 4, 10:00-12:00  OR    Nov 1, 6:00-8:00 OR  Dec 5, 2:30-4:30

  Stabilizing Basics
Does your choice of stabilizer really have that much effect on your embroidery project?  The answer is YES!!  This is an in depth class on the different types of stabilizers.  You will learn how to choose which one works best for your fabric and your specific project.                                                                                                                Teacher:  Jennifer Whiteman                                            Fee:  $30.00                                        Date:  Oct 18                                             10:00-1:00
  Candy Cane Holder (HS)                                                                                    These cute candy cane holders will look great on your tree or personalize them and use them with ribbon to decorate your gifts.                                                                        Teacher:  Jennifer Whiteman                  Fee:  $20.00                                                        Date:  October 30                        10:00-1:00
  Lace Ornaments (HS)                                                                                         These lace ornaments will look great on  your tree or use them as gifts or to decorate your packages.                                                                                                  Teacher:  Jennifer Whiteman                                              Fee: $20.00                                  Date:  Dec 13                                10:00-1:00 OR 2:00-5:00



 We will work through the Bernina Version 8 Workbook learning about the new features found in the software.  We will cover digitizing and different projects to learn how to use our new tools.  Please download the Version 8 Workbook from Bernina prior to class.


Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman     Fee: $20.00                    

Dates:   Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15          11:00


Machine Mastery Classes

REMEMBER, we ask that you please take Machine Mastery # 1 first. The other classes can then be taken in any order.

Machine Mastery # 1: Introduction to Your Machine is required before all other classes. Needles, Threads, Maintenance, Basic Stitching.
     Oct 5, Nov 10, Dec 7        10:00-12:00
Machine Mastery # 2: Basic Operation Basic Stitches, Utility functions, hemming
Oct 5, Nov 10, Dec 7        1:00-3:00
Machine Mastery # 3: Basic Operation continued Buttonholes,   Button Sew-On.
Oct 6, Nov 9, Dec 8         10:00-12:00
Machine Mastery # 4: Stitch Fun Function, Memory, Alphabets
Oct 6, Nov 9, Dec 8        1:00-3:00     
Machine Mastery # 5: Zippers, Continued Free Motion, Bernina Stitch Regulator, Double Needle, and Wing Needle.  
#5      Dec 14     10:00-1:00
Machine Mastery # 7 Embroidery Basics class Learn all about embroidery threads and needles, stabilizers and hooping and what you can do with your new embroidery machine. You will only bring your large oval hoop to this class.  
Oct 27, Nov 20, Jan 12             10:00-1:00
Machine Mastery # 8 is all about using your new embroidery machine. You will need your entire machine, embroidery module and large oval hoop for this class.
              Oct 27, Nov 20, Jan 12              1:30-4:30


Weekly “Sit and Sew”

Sit & Sew will be every Monday from 10:00-3:30.  Leave the housework at home, bring out those projects that need finishing and come on over for some "sewing camaraderie".   There will always be someone to help you if you get to one of those spots that you just can't figure out. I know I can accomplish more if I am sewing away from home without the ringing phone and the laundry that always needs to be done.
Mondays from 10 - 3:30
Did you know Studio Stitch rents machines?

If you don't have a sewing machine, don't want to haul your machine to class, are thinking about purchasing a new machine, want to embroider something, or are just learning to sew, stop by and talk to us about our "in store" machine rental program.

 Looking for a quilt guild in the area?
Come and check out the Greensboro Modern Quilt Guild. This guild is newly formed, and meets at Studio Stitch on the third Monday of the month. Their Facebook page is The Gate City Quilt Guild meets the first Thursday of the month at New Garden Friends Meeting. See their website for more information: The Piedmont Quilt Guild meets the second Thursday of the month at Starmount Presbyterian Church and their website is  Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild meets the first Monday of the month at Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Kernersville and their website is


Our weather policy for classes is to follow the Guilford County School System’s schedule for closings and delays. If Guilford County Schools are closed, our classes for that day are canceled, but the store may or may not be open according to the actual road conditions as the day progresses – please call before you come in if schools are closed. If there is a 2 hour delay for schools we will be on our regular schedule and classes will be held.

Studio Stitch Classes

Please join us for some of our great upcoming classes.  We have some great teachers and projects lined up to teach and inspire you!  Be sure to sign up soon as our classes fill up quickly.

Studio Stitch Class Information

Class Guidelines:
All classes at Studio Stitch require registration prior to the day of class.  Please call, e-mail, or register in person with a staff member.  All class fees should be paid in full upon registration.  Any class supply lists and/or special instructions should be supplied upon registration.  Please make sure you pick them up when you register.  Classroom machines are available upon request, a $5.00/day fee will be added to the cost of Class.  Student should be prepared to provide their own thread.  Please contact us if you are unsure what type of thread is required for your class.

Class Cancellation:
Studio Stitch reserves the right to cancel any class (including mastery classes) if the minimum enrollment is not met.  Our rule of thumb is to make the final call (based on enrollment) one week prior to the start date of class.  We will do our best to let each of our students know if a class has been canceled, but ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility to check with Studio Stitch to confirm the class has made.  If a class is canceled by Studio Stitch and/or teacher due to low enrollment student will get full refund or store credit of class fee.  If a class is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances including illness, weather, etc we will do our best to reschedule at a later date.   If a student should need to cancel or drop out of a class they will get full refund if they let Studio Stitch know at least one week prior to class start date.  There is no refund if student cancels within the week before class.

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