Weekly “Sit and Sew” Returns

Sit & Sew will be every Monday.  Leave the housework at home, bring out those projects that need finishing and come on over for some "sewing camaraderie".   There will always be someone to help you if you get to one of those spots that you just can't figure out. I know I can accomplish more if I am sewing away from home without the ringing phone and the laundry that always needs to be done.


Did you know Studio Stitch rents machines?

If you don't have a sewing machine, don't want to haul your machine to class, are thinking about purchasing a new machine, want to embroider something, or are just learning to sew, stop by and talk to us about our "in store" machine rental program.


Looking for a quilt guild in the area?
Come and check out the Greensboro Modern Quilt Guild. This guild is newly formed, and meets at Studio Stitch on the third Monday of the month. Their Facebook page is The Gate City Quilt Guild meets the first Thursday of the month at New Garden Friends Meeting. See their website for more information: The Piedmont Quilt Guild meets the second Thursday of the month at Starmount Presbyterian Church and their website is  Heart of the Triad Quilt Guild meets the first Monday of the month at Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Kernersville and their website is www.hottqg.



Block of the Month Dates for second quarter

Please note that we have added a new section on the fourth Thursdays at 1:00

The $5 Block of the month dates for the second quarter of 2016 are:

July:   Tuesday July 26 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday July 28 at 10:00 & 1:00

Aug: Tuesday Aug 23 at 10:00 & 6:00, Thursday Aug 25 at 10:00 & 1:00

Sept: Thursday Sept 22 at 10:00 & 1:00, Tuesday Sept 27 at 10:00 & 6:00


Summer Shorts

 You asked and we listened....We have had a lot of requests for short classes during the summer, where a project could be finished in one class. You will find several classes on the schedule that we are calling “Summer Shorts”. The classes are listed under the category that they fall into and you will see “SS” on the line with the title.  Come join us for this fun and exciting series. Take just one or take them all you will be sure to make somthing amazing!



Augusta Cole


 Augusta Cole will be here this fall. Augusta is known as the "Scrappy Lady" because many of her quilts are snappy and scrappy. She began her quilting career in North Carolina 35 years ago and currently lives in Virginia. We carry her patterns at the store and classes featuring her patterns are always popular.

   Augusta Cole is coming September 29 to teach Americana. This class is filling rapidly, so call as soon as possible to reserve your space. We are also arranging for her to teach one of her “scrappy quilt” patterns on September 30. The deadline to sign up for these classes is August 5. The cost will be $95.00 for one class or $175.00 for both.



Paula Reid

              Paula Reid is often described as an “artist with a sewing Machine”. Paula made her first quilt in April, 1990. She taught her first machine piecing class two years later, but found that her heart was captured by the machine quilting process. “Fluff and Stuff” is what Paula calls her method for moving large quilts through a home machine.  She has quilted over 1400 quilts using this method and will teach us how on October 17th.

Save the date –October 17th
Fee: $95.00
The deadline to sign up for this class is July 15



Beginning Quilting – Lawn Chair

This is a great first quilt to make for those summer picnics. Or choose fabric that will work in your den and make a great throw for the back of the couch. You will learn rotary cutting techniques, chain piecing and much more that you will use repeatedly as you make future quilts!!

Pattern included in class fee.

Teacher: Elisabeth Pugh  Fee: $90.00  
Dates: Aug 17, 24, 31, Sept 7, 14, 21,          10:00-1:00           


Intro to quilting – Woven Table Runner

Make a great table runner as you learn the basics of rotary cutting, ¼ seams and chain piecing. These skills are the basics that will be needed in all the quilts you make in the future.

Teacher: Elisabeth Pugh         Fee: $45.00                        
Dates: Sept 7, 14, 21                                          2:00-5:00

Chevron Quilt

A quilt made from Chevrons (which are made from half square triangles) is as versatile as a log cabin quilt. You will learn how to make eight identical half square triangles at a time and pick from many different arrangements to make your quilt unique!

Teacher: Elisabeth Pugh     Fee: $4   5.00                                      
Dates: July 20, 27, Aug 10       10:00-1:00


Paper Pieced Flowers “SS”

Have you always wanted to try foundation paper piecing but did not want to sign up for a long class? In this three hour class you will learn the basics of paper piecing and end up with a cute flower block.

Teacher: Elisabeth Pugh                                    Fee: $20.00                                           Dates: July 21                       10:00-1:00


Harmonic Convergence Quilt “SS”

Learn Ricky Tims fast and fun method of convergence quilting with the Harmonic Convergence Quilt. This method will enable you to make a beautiful top in 2-3 hours that looks like you spent days cutting and creating. Beginner friendly.

Teacher: Linda Clark                          Fee: $20.00                                                               Date: July 22                   10:00-1:00


Wonky Summer Placemats “SS”

In this 3 hour class you’ll make a set of 4 quick and easy placemats from my exclusive pattern, which is included in the class registration fee. There will be time to quilt at least one of the mats as well, so you’ll get a lot done in a short time. Come have fun!

Teacher: Mary Puckett                                Fee: $30.00
Date: July 30                             10:00-1:00

Rock Candy Table Topper “SS”

This is a fun and easy class that uses one charm pack or 18 five inch squares and the Sidekick ruler. This project goes together quickly and you will leave with a finished table topper.

Teacher: Paula Thompson                           Fee: $20.00

Date: August 3                                 1:00-5:00

Folded Star Hot Pad “SS”

Using folded fabric you will create this fun quilted look hot pad..

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman                                    Fee: $15.00
Date: Aug 9                                                          2:00-5:00


Free Motion your Quilt with Kathleen

Start your quilt now so you will be ready to quilt it during this four week class. You will learn how to plan the quilting design for your quilt and flawlessly execute it.

Teacher: Kathleen Kulla                                             Fee:$60.00
Dates: Aug 26, Sept 2, 9, 16                                         10:00-1:00

English Paper Piecing “SS”

This is a quick and fun class that will teach you the basic technique of English Paper Piecing. Once you have put your flower together you can turn it into a wall hanging.

Teacher: Paula Thompson                             Fee:$20.00
Date: Sept 15                    10:00-1:00


Kathleen’s Unorthodox Binding

Learn to do your binding all on the machine. Conquer the mitered corner. Come discover what your fingers can do while the machine is doing the sewing!!

Teacher: Kathleen Kulla        Fee: $25.00                                                               Date: Sept 23                            10:00-1:00



What is a Quillow? It is a quilt folded inside a pillow. The Quillow can be used as a decorative pillow and a throw while watching TV, in vehicles as a pillow and cover up while traveling, or make it in your favorite school colors to use at football games to sit on those hard bleachers and cover up on cool evenings. Great for Christmas and graduation gifts!!

Teacher: Phyllis Tunstall                                               Fee: $60.00

Dates: Sept 28, Oct 5, 12, 19                     1:30-4:30


Quilters Academy #3

Triangles, Triangles!  We'll explore multiple methods for making triangles allowing you to discover your preferred method.  We'll work with half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, flying geese and end with a Feathered Star.  We will also begin some basic color exercises designed to aid you in choosing fabrics for your quilts.  QA#1 & 2 classes are not prerequisites, but familiarity with the material in the books is necessary.  6 classes: September 15, October 20, January 19, February 23, March 23 and April 20.  This is the 3rd Thursday of each month.  4:30-7:30 PM.  Cost: $200.00.

Teacher: Karen Pervier                                 Fee: $200.00                   Dates: Sept 15, Oct 20, Jan 19, Feb 23, Mar 23, Apr 20                4:30-7:00


Basic Sewing Class - The Machine

Whether you are just starting out or getting back to sewing after taking a break this is a great class to get to know your machine. We will discuss all the basic components of the sewing machine to help get you on your way to sewing that next project while completing a small project in class. Class is great for all ages (must be at least 9+).

Teacher: Linda Clark                                        Fee: $35.00                                                               
Dates: July 5, 4:00-6:00 OR Aug 18, 10:00-12:00 OR Sept 14, 6:00-8:00


Dog Collar “SS”

Make a fashion statement for your furry best friend! All it takes is a scrap of your favorite fabric and a dog collar kit from Studio stitch. These strong durable collars can be prettier than anything you’ll find at the pet store.

Teacher: Justiann Ard                   Fee: $10.00

Date: July 2                        1:00-3:00


 Stitch Recipe “SS”

We have all of these very cool stitches on our machines, but aren’t really sure how to use them. We can make Stitch Recipes!! Rows of decorative stitches can be used to embellish towels, shirts, skirts & more.

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman                     Fee: $20.00

Date: July 12                                      2:00-4:00


Jelly Bag “SS”

We are loving these Jelly Purse Handles. Come pick out your favorite color and join us for class. I’ve done the math and learned the shortcuts so you don’t have to!                                                                                                               Teacher: Justiann Ard                                                Fee: $35.00                      Date: July 19                                                          10:00-4:00


Sewing Machine Pillow Cases “SS”

Make matching pillow cases to go with your quilts or make one for a child going to camp with novelty fabric. They are quick and easy and it is very rewarding to “whip them out” for a personal gift.

Teacher: Bejay Thompson           Fee: $15.00
Date: August 2                         6:00-8:00

Make a fun Summer Skirt

Are you tired of wearing shorts all summer, but can’t find just the right skirt? You can make your own! We will use a special formula to find your size, add pockets and your own finishing touches.

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman                               Fee: $30.00                                                     Dates: Aug 3, 10                                               6:00-8:00


Mini Charm Bags “SS”

Create two adorable bags from one mini charm pack! These bags are great for quilting tools, make-up, jewelry, etc. They are fast, fun and easy to create and make great gifts.

Teacher: Linda Clark                     Fee:$15.00                                                Date: Aug 4                   10:00-1:00

Hemming “SS”

This class is just in time for back to school shopping. You have to purchase a size larger for your child, but the length is just way too long. Come take this class and learn how to hem up your child’s clothes yourself. This class is for adult clothing as well as children’s.

Teacher: Susan Holmes                   Fee: $15.00                                                                       Date: Aug 16                                                    10:00-1:00


Voile Infinity Scarf “SS”

Come make these adorable and incredibly soft scarves. They make great gifts for loved ones or are a simple quick way to spice up an outfit. Beginners welcome.

Teacher: Emily Fisher                                                      Fee: $15.00                                                                 Date: Aug 17                                        4:00-5:00

Adorable Denim Bag “SS”

In this quick and easy class you will learn how to make these cute bags out of an old pair of denim jeans, and either leftover fabric or a fat quarter. These could easily be made with seasonal fabric and can be used by any age group.

Teacher: Susan Holmes                  Fee: $15.00                                                           Date: Sept 8                                        10:00-2:00


In The Hoop Cozies “SS”

What is a Cozie? It’s Kimberbell’s answer to all of your gift wrapping, decorating, cake topping, good bag needs and so much more! We will make these little bits of cuteness entirely in the hoop. Great for beginner embroiderers!

Teacher: Justiann Ard                        Fee: $10.00

Date: July 23              10:00-1:00


In the Hoop Spool Pouch “SS”

Pieced and quilted in the hoop, this little bag is perfect for carrying your small sewing supplies! This class is great for embroidery beginners. Don’ fear the zipper – the machine will do that for you too!!

Teacher: Justiann Ard                                                Fee: $15.00                                       Date: Aug 27                                                       10:00-1:00


Pillowcases “SS”

Make matching pillow cases to go with your quilts or make one for a child going to camp with novelty fabric. They are quick and easy to make on the serger and it is very rewarding to “whip them out” for a personal gift.

Teacher: Bejay Thompson           Fee: $15.00                                              Date: Sept 6                         2:00-4:00



Software Sampler


Whether you're new to Bernina Embroidery Software or looking to build on your skills, this class is for you. Come see new techniques and products, watch the webinar and learn more about what software can do for you. You'll be amazed! Class fee includes DVD webinar to take home.

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman     Fee: $10.00                                

Dates: Aug 20, Sept 17     11:00


Software Take Two Tech Pouch

Our software comes with many decorative stitches that we rarely use. We will not only use these stitches on this fun project, but also edit them and then make sure there are not jump stitches when we stitch them out.

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman                            Fee: $20.00
Date: Aug 20                           1:00-2:00


Embroidery Software Technique of the Month

If you have software, any version, and want to know more about it, this is the class for you. We will cover a different technique each month. It could be something as simple as lettering or as complex as digitizing. If you have suggestions for specific techniques that you are interested in covering please let me know. This class meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Teacher: Jennifer Whiteman                 Fee: $15.00

Dates: July 12, Aug 9, Sept 13                          10:30-12:30


Free Motion Quilting

Motivation, instruction and inspiration! Free motion quilting club is open to all, from the "where do I start?' to the "what can I learn next?”. We will cover topics such as thread selection, quilting patterns, drawing your own designs, layering and marking your quilts, etc. BYOP Bring Your Own Project such as a quilt top, charity quilt or just plain quilt sandwiches to practice on. Then become a more confident free motion quilter. This class meets on the second Friday of the month.

Teacher: Kathleen Kulla                           Fee: $12.50

Dates: July 8, Aug 5     10:00-12:30

Machine  Mastery Classes

MACHINE MASTERY reminder: we ask that you please take Machine Mastery # 1 first. The other classes can then be taken in any order.

Machine Mastery Classes

MACHINE MASTERY REMEMBER, we ask that you please take Machine Mastery # 1 first.
The other classes can then be taken in any order.

Machine Mastery # 1:
Introduction to Your Machine is required before all other classes. Needles, Threads, Maintenance, Basic Stitching.

               July 16, Aug 11, Sept 17  10:00-12:00

Machine Mastery # 2:
Basic Operation Basic Stitches, Utility functions, hemming

July 16, Aug 11, Sept 17   1:00-3:00

Machine Mastery # 3:
Basic Operation continued Buttonholes, Button Sew-On, zippers

July 14, Aug 12, Sept 6                  10:00-12:00

Machine Mastery # 4:
Stitch Fun Function, Memory, Alphabets

July 14, Aug 12,  1:00-3:00               Sept 20     10:00-12:00

Machine Mastery # 5 & 6:
Stitch Fun Continued Free Motion, Bernina Stitch Regulator, Double Needle, and Wing Needle in 5 & directional sewing in 6.

         #5     Aug 13  10:00-12:00          #6 Aug 13   1:00-3:00        


Machine Mastery # 7
Embroidery Basics class Learn all about embroidery threads and needles, stabilizers and hooping and what you can do with your new embroidery machine. You will only bring your large oval hoop to this class.

July 9, Aug 22, Sept 10   10:00-12:00


Machine Mastery # 8
is all about using your new embroidery machine. You will need your entire machine, embroidery module and large oval hoop for this class.

July 9, Aug 22, Sept 10  1:00-4:00


Studio Stitch Classes

Please join us for some of our great upcoming classes.  We have some great teachers and projects lined up to teach and inspire you!  Be sure to sign up soon as our classes fill up quickly.

Studio Stitch Class Information

Class Guidelines:
All classes at Studio Stitch require registration prior to the day of class.  Please call, e-mail, or register in person with a staff member.  All class fees should be paid in full upon registration.  Any class supply lists and/or special instructions should be supplied upon registration.  Please make sure you pick them up when you register.  Classroom machines are available upon request, a $5.00/day fee will be added to the cost of Class.  Student should be prepared to provide their own thread.  Please contact us if you are unsure what type of thread is required for your class.

Class Cancellation:
Studio Stitch reserves the right to cancel any class (including mastery classes) if the minimum enrollment is not met.  Our rule of thumb is to make the final call (based on enrollment) one week prior to the start date of class.  We will do our best to let each of our students know if a class has been canceled, but ultimately it is the customer’s responsibility to check with Studio Stitch to confirm the class has made.  If a class is canceled by Studio Stitch and/or teacher due to low enrollment student will get full refund or store credit of class fee.  If a class is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances including illness, weather, etc we will do our best to reschedule at a later date.   If a student should need to cancel or drop out of a class they will get full refund if they let Studio Stitch know at least one week prior to class start date.  There is no refund if student cancels within the week before class.

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